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Athlete Nation is revolutionising the sport and health industry as we know it.  We see coaches, trainers, teachers, health and safety officers, all having the best intentions for their people, but many are dealing with similar issues: injuries, under performing, team culture, having no way to measure and track progression.  And it seems that these things have been accepted as a normal part of sport and life.

It doesn't have to be that way. Athlete Nation has developed a unique system that sets people up for a life of physical readiness and performance.  Experience and knowledge from four Olympics across 21 sports have come together in the Ahtlete Nation Movement System, a science based system with guaranteed measurable results developed by internationally recognised sports performance expert Dr. Matthew Kritz.

Dr Matt Kritz

DR. Kritz has spent nearly two decades as a sport performance professional.  He has coached development, emerging talent and elite athletes in the USA, Japan and New Zealand. He has contributed to the success of Olympic athletes who have competed in 21 Olympics sports through four Olympic campaigns and winning over 20 Olympic medals and was the past Director of Strength & Conditioning for High Performance Sport New Zealand.

Dr Matt Kritz

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