What do your people need to be ready for?

What happens in your workplace?  Do they sit all day and therefore, suffer from a weak posture that fatigues and decreases productivity.  Do they enjoy being recreationally active, but their jobs require them to sit, sit, sit?  So the rush out to be active after work and get injured doing what they love?  Or, do their job responsibilities require them to be physically strong and capable?  Can you afford not to ensure your people are physically ready to carry out their work or can handle the demands of their job and are in shape to do the things they want to do to keep them motivated to work?

Where is health at in your workplace?

  • Do your people have physical demanding jobs (such as police, firefighting, builders, labourers)?
  • Do your people sit for long periods of time and live a sedentary lifestyle?
  • Are there too many injuries happening in the workplace?
  • Is the type of work in your business physically demanding?
  • Do your people get injured in their own time (sport, DIY, kids play) which prevents them from working?
  • Do you want to help to create healthy lifestyles for your people?

Did you answer 'Yes'?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you might be interested in hearing about the Athlete Nation Solution - read on.

Athlete Nation coaches your staff to be physically ready.

Our solution will help your staff to look after their bodies so they can handle the demands of their work, decrease the risks of injury and stay healthy for a life time.

Kritz Movement System

Physically ready for the job. Do jobs in your workplace require people to sit all day or are your people expected to be physically strong and capable? Both scenarios come with risk for injury. Being physically ready for the "on the job" demands means the job doesn't take its toll, at work, at home, and for life.

World class sport performance knowledge, applied to the workplace. Our knowledge from our time in the sports performance industry means we prioritise developing people who move well, are strong and fit to perform.  That are 'athletes.'  We have developed ways to make people more athletic in a unique, safe and simple way.  Our system is specific to your people's capability and capacity.

Most injuries are easy to avoid. Too many injuries are caused by people not using their body the right way, doing repetitive movements on the job the wrong way or not being athletic enough to avoid common job-related accidents.   Many people don't have the capacity and physical readiness to handle their current life. Going through the system helps to minimise the risk of common soft tissue injuries.

Motivated, productive people. Fewer injuries mean less sick days and increased productivity. Also, science has proven that the more physically capable people are, the more motivated, passionate and resilient they are in life. Great outcome for the workplace!

Your people are athletes. Occupational athletes.

The athleticism required for labourers, builders, police, and firefighters is no different to the athletes you see on TV.  They are repetitively loading and exploding, but often they do not have the strength and physical readiness to handle their roles, and this is when injury occurs.  By treating your staff with physical work like athletes, you can ensure they are ready to deal with the demands of their jobs.

Work at your own level and pace

We don’t put people through tough exercise regimes or scary boot camps. We work within the individual's capability, so they can learn to handle their body weight before adding load. Staying safe and training effectively is our way and we have learned that goes a long way.

A wellness programme that tracks results

Finally, a wellness programme that tracks results and doesn't focus on body weight or blood pressure (these will improve anyway as a result). We measure physical progress against individual goals that transfer directly to better on the job performance.

What training option works for you?


Occupational Athlete Programme

Helps your employees to develop physical awareness and an understanding of how to move specific to the demands of the job. 

Workplace Health

Teaches people to look after their bodies properly. It’s a motivating programme, with professional coaches that focuses on movement. Participants work up the sweat in a fun group setting, sessions take an hour and cater for different levels.


We come to you. Or you can train at our place.

Discuss options for your workplace

Look after your most valuable asset, your employees, and their bodies!  Every workplace is different; every staff member is different. 

However,  becoming more physically ready based on your movement capability does work, and we’d love to have a chat about what is happening at your workplace and how Athlete Nation’s involvement can work for you.

Please answer the questions below, and we will be touch with you very soon. Thanks for your inquiry.

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