Fitter, healthier and stronger In 12 weeks

Four times a year Athlete Nation runs a 12 Week System Challenge for those who want to be fitter, healthier and stronger, and train wisely at the same time. So you can be sure your training is effective and safe.

The next Challenge starts Monday 1 October.


About the Challenge

The 12 Week System Challenge is about helping people to become physically ready for what life demands of them. Whether this is high performance sport or being more capable of daily life and remaining injury free. You will be amazed how much you can achieve in 12 weeks time, thanks to Athlete Nation's unique training method the Kritz Movement System.

During the Challenge people take part in at least three group sessions each week (from the 30+ available). You'll get assessed, we map out your journey, you'll get your own coach and we track your progress. All sessions are group sessions that also allow to train at your own level and pace.

Who should do the Challenge?

The 12 Week System Challenge suits everyone who wants to improve their physical health, ability and/or performance. People who have done the Challenge before include:

  • Sports people

  • Young athletes

  • Those new to training

  • Families

  • New Mums

  • Busy business people

It's for people who want to become a better version of themselves, want to commit to training three times a week and are keen to see results and train safely.

Move well in your training to stay safe and build the right foundations.

Move well in your training to stay safe and build the right foundations.

Group sessions, but specific to your level

All sessions are group sessions. However, our training method ensures that everyone can work at their own level and own pace. To illustrate this; each movement (exercise) can be performed in different ways to suit someone's level. Our coaches ensure you do the level that suits you and regress and progress to ensure your safety and continuously progress in your training.

Everyone works at their own level and own pace, facilitated by Athlete Nation's Movement Frames.

Everyone works at their own level and own pace, facilitated by Athlete Nation's Movement Frames.

About the Kritz Movement System

We call it a SYSTEM Challenge for a reason! At the heart of Athlete Nation’s training is our Kritz Movement System. It's our science based system that we use to help you progress towards your goals safely at your own pace and level.

The Kritz Movement System has been developed by Performance Coach Dr Matt Kritz to make high performance knowledge and culture available to everyone. 

Movement Matters Most

Movement underpins everything we do at Athlete Nation. Initially we teach you to 'move correctly', to ensure you will build the foundations required to be the best you can be. And to stay injury free. As we know that without strong foundations, you are at risk of injury. Read more about our Kritz Movement System.

The detailS

Dates, sessions and location

The 12 Week System Challenge 2018 dates are:

  • 22 January – 14 April (closed)

  • 9 April – 1 July (closed)

  • 9 July – 30 September (closed)

  • 1 October – 23 December

Three sessions a week
There are 30+ sessions each week to choose from. At your intake session you and the coach determine which three weekly sessions suit you best, based on your schedule, your level and goals. You stick to these sessions each week (we allow for flexible schedules though).

All sessions take place at Athlete Nation training centre, 502 Grey Street, Hamilton East.

The costs – 4 weeks free

The costs per week is $35. When signing up to the 12 Week Challenge you will get four weeks free. This includes a minimum of three coached sessions (but you can come in as often as you like).

There is a $15 direct debit set up cost (but you can pay upfront) and $75 Joining fee. This works out to be a total fee of $370 for the full 12 weeks.

Please note: the 4 weeks free offer is only available for those who haven't done the 12 Week System Challenge before.


For any questions, please get in touch. Our team is here to help you.