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Every school holiday students can join Athlete Nation's Holiday Performance Camp. Whether you want to make the team, improve your performance or beat your PB, this holiday you can develop your athleticism and set your body up for the year ahead.

Everyone trains at their own level and own pace

Everyone trains at their own level and own pace

About the Holiday Performance Programme

Learning the essentials to enhance your performance

Speed, Strength and Endurance, are a some key ingredients for optimal performance. However none of these will peak if you haven't got the right foundations. And that's what we focus on first, before we progress further to making you faster or stronger.

Initially we teach you to 'move correctly', to help you build the foundations required to be the best you can be. And throughout the sessions we touch on the different aspects such as speed, strength and endurance to develop your athleticism. Read more about our vision on Youth Performance.


World Class Knowledge

The Kritz Movement System has been developed by Performance Coach Dr Matt Kritz to make high performance knowledge and culture available to everyone. Athlete Nation provides a range of proven, science-based sessions based on high performance principles, in a fun, team training environment.

Movement Matters Most

Movement underpins everything we do at Athlete Nation. Initially we teach you to 'move correctly', to ensure you will build the foundations required to be the best you can be. And to stay injury free. As we know that without strong foundations, you are at risk of injury. Read more about our Kritz Movement System.

Group sessions, but all specific to your sport

All sessions are group sessions. However, our training method ensures that everyone can work at their own level and own pace. To illustrate this; each movement (exercise) can be performed in different ways to suit someone's level. Our coaches ensure you do the level that suits you and regress and progress to ensure your safety and continuously progress in your training.

Whether you are a ground or water based athlete you can develop your relative total body strength, increase your core strength, improve your running fitness and learn to run faster and change direction with safer mechanics.



Booking details

  • The Holiday Performance Programme runs for two weeks.

  • Daily 2 hour session Monday - Friday

  • 8.30am-10.30am.


All sessions take place at Otumoetai College Action Centre


The Holiday Performance Programme cost $100 for two weeks.


For any questions, please get in touch with Brandon: