Maximising potential and remaining injury free

Don't train like an athlete, train to become more athletic

Humans are designed to move. We rely on our bodies and need them to be fully capable to handle life, from high performance sport to doing your physical job confidently.  The system is for everyone.  Literally!  Life is movement, you need to move to live.  Moving the right way sustains life.  Moving the wrong way, especially under load, limits life. 

At Athlete Nation, we know that moving the right way is essential in maximising performance and remaining injury free. So that’s where we start: Movement.

Our Kritz Movement System is based on valid principles and experience in the sports performance industry from four Olympics, multiple World Championships across 21 sports by Dr Matt Kritz.

The key principles of the system

> Train within your movement competency and capacity

The conventional training approach uses the demands of a sport or job to inform the training programme. This increases the risk for injury as people train at a level for which their bodies are not ready.

The Kritz Movement System allows coaches to assess a person's current physical readiness, then we can map their physical goals and the progression towards achieving those goals.  This way programmes are guided by movement ability and capacity, rather than training people like athletes, we train them to become more athletic.

> Learn how to use your body before loading and exploding 

The Kritz Movement System teaches you how to move across movement patterns that are common in all sport and life. We ensure each person can move well with their body weight first before we introduce extra loading. We want them to move confidently with their body weight so they can perform to their potential right now. Our system accommodates those that learn quickly as well as those that require a more developmental approach, so you stay safe and train effectively.

> Develop the ability to control your body at various speeds 

To ensure you can accelerate, decelerate, change direction and explode with control and precision we need to ensure you are strong first. By building capacity and then strength through loading it ensures we prepare you to move into the control phase. The control phase develops and confirms an individual's ability to maintain safe movement strategies while decelerating their bodyweight in fast movement tasks such as landing from a jump, planting a leg to change direction or throwing and catching. Poor eccentric strength and control is a mechanism of soft tissue injury. The goal is to control at speed.

How the system works

The Kritz Movement System consists of seven different movement patterns that represent all the main movements.  Within each pattern sits a variety of regression and progression movements allowing you to train at your level and progress at your pace.

Numbers of our system

Your goal number depends on what life physically demands of you - in both life and sports. So the goal number for a top athlete will be closer to 99 and for someone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be injury free, the goal will be between 21 and 35.

> Stage 1 – Movement (Number 1-7)

The first step is to develop an awareness and capability of doing movements within each of the movement patterns. In this phase, an understanding of how to do the movements correctly is more important than the ability to do them. Why? Going forward, when you do the movements under load, this understanding will prevent you from getting hurt. Once you understand how to perform each movement correctly, you are ready to move to the next stage.

> Stage 2 - Capacity (Number 8-21)

In the Capacity level, you learn to carry out each movement correctly. Regressing or progressing movements make it easier or harder, depending on where you are at and where you want to go. Within this stage, you only use your body weight. Once you can perform a movement correctly for a certain number of repetitions within a certain number of sets, you are physically ready to Load that movement pattern.

> Stage 3 - Load (Number 22-45)

In the Load level, you perform loaded challenges relative to your body weight.  This stage is about progressing gradually and learning to handle the load at slow controlled speeds.  Once you can perform a movement correctly for a certain number of repetitions within a certain number of sets at a certain percentage of your body weight you are ready to Control movements at faster speeds.

> Stage 4 - Control (Number 46-93)

The Control level helps you develop the ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction and explode with power and precision. Learning how to land confidently with a safe body position is control.

> Stage 5 - Explode (Number 94-100)

The Explode stage is the icing on the cake. It is about expressing specific power. The more load you move, the faster you move it, the more powerful you become. This stage is very athlete and sports specific.

You and the system

Capacity stage, a must for everyone

Everyone, from the top athlete who wants to compete at the Olympics to the older person who wants to be able to get up from a chair confidently, Movement and Capacity is the starting point, how fast someone passes through each stage depends on the person and the time they have to train.  Life is movement; you need to move to live. Moving the right way sustains life. Moving the wrong way, especially under load, limits life.

This system applies to all sports or any physical goal

Our bodies are designed to move a certain way. Although every activity and sport is different, the principles around how we use our bodies are the same. The system doesn’t focus on a specific activity or sport. It goes far beyond that. Athletic signatures will vary across sports, and the pathway towards achieving your goals will differ between members. The system focuses on being physically ready for whatever it is you do. You will find that by building the right foundations, your training contributes to good health and improved performance, irrelevant of your sport or lifestyle. 

Where you sit in the system

The starting point for any Athlete Nation training programme is where you are at in the system and where you want to be. Stages are not goals. It’s the other way around; your goal determines where you are in the system.For example, an athlete playing high-level rugby will need to work through all the stages. A mother who wants to feel fit and strong may only need to pass the Capacity stage with a bit of load here and there.

Get your people physically ready