Mums Matter, let us take care of you 

We know how demanding life can be as a mum. We also know that is so important for mothers to look after themselves. And we know that you know that too.

Athlete Nation now offers sessions specifically designed for mums. Just have some time for yourself while we look after you in a safe and friendly environment. 

If you have limited time available, make sure you do the right thing

Make sure you get most out of the time you spend on yourself; do the right thing for your body. What does your body need? Do you know? (other than a massage or a sleep in…). Our Athlete Nation coaches are able to tell you after one session.  And once you know and chip away on that during your session(s), and at home if you like, you are giving your body the best gift; a lifetime of physical health.

Sessions for mums only

  • Sessions every weekday at 9.30am
  • Safe and supervised, suitable for all levels
  • Suitable for pregnant women and for post pregnancy
  • One hour in total
  • Is your little one fine in the pram for an hour? Feel free to bring baby in!

What is the right thing for YOUR body?

The starting point for all our programmes is movement. We look at how you move and teach your body to move the way it was designed to move. And that can be challenging enough as it is. No need to add weights or jumps until we get that right. In actual fact, it's better that we don't. Our well researched training method tells us that everybody, whether you are super mum or an elite athlete, should be working on strong foundations first. Read more about how we work.

What to expect from a session with Athlete Nation

At Athlete Nation, training is so much more than moving around, getting sweaty and using some weights. We do all that, but everything we do is thought about, fits the bigger picture and - more important - suits you and where you are at physically.

When you do a session for the first time, we take you through an assessment. Nothing scary! All you do, is a variety of movements. Seeing how you move, gives our coaches all they need to understand where you are at, what you need to work on and how to progress to what you want to achieve; recover from pregnancy, complete a run, remain injury free, recover from one, and so on. Your goal is at the centre of your training.

When are the Mums Matter Sessions? And can I bring my child?

Mums Matter Sessions take place every weekday at 9.30am. Duration = 60mins

If your child is still fine in a pram for the duration of the session, please bring him or her. For health and safety reasons we rather not have children walking or crawling around.

If you can’t do these times, you are most welcome to come in at a time that suits you. Just talk to one of our coaches. We will spend some one-on-one time with you to help you getting started.