Busy mum gets fit again

From feeling shattered after a 1.6km training to easily running five. That's Stevie's goal for the 12 Week System Challenge.

Stevie used to be very active, but since she had two children the only exercise she's been getting is 'running after the kids'. That's about to change.

She has committed to the 12 Week System Challenge to get her 'fit and toned', like she used to be.


Stevie Bain, mother of two and working full time in her real estate business Team Bain & Bain – Harcourts, which she runs with her husband, has been missing the exercise.

Being fit enough to just get up and run
"I want to do regular exercise again. I want to get fit, be toned and lose weight. I want to be able to say 'yes' when someone asks me to do 5km fun run or something. That 1.6 km I just did, just killed me. Just the ability to do 5km without having to train for it, that's what I want."

It's a Challenge for everyone, from newbie to experienced
Next Monday [22 January] Stevie starts the 12 Week System Challenge with Athlete Nation, alongside other mothers, others new to training and people who are already more advanced.

"The beauty of the Challenge is that everyone can do it. Having our science based Kritz Movement System in place, means we can coach everyone at different levels at the same time," Crystal Kaua, Manager Athlete Nation explains.

Train at own level and own pace
"For Stevie, our coaches will ensure she will train at her own level and own pace, so she stays safe and won't get injured. At the end of the challenge she will definitely see results, that's something our system and coaching guarantees," Crystal explains.

Sign up and get 4 weeks off
Interested in doing the 12 Week System Challenge just like Stevie? You'll get 4 weeks free when you sign up.  Visit www.athletenation.co.nz/challenge, contact us or come and see us at 502 Grey St, Hamilton East.