Training pays off in eight medals


How powerful the mind can be demonstrated new member  Joshua Edwards (12) when it rained medals at his swimming championships.

Joshua –competitive and very sporty - wants to win. But winning four gold medals and four silver medals at the Waikato Swimming Juniors was beyond his expectations. To top it off, he walked away with the ‘Overall Year 8 Boys Champion’ title for Waikato Intermediate Swimming.

Strength and control thanks to training
“I reckon it’s because I did the work with Athlete Nation,” Joshua said. Until recently Joshua’s training only involved training in the pool. “It has given me strength, giving me more control with my strokes.”

“Sport is so much more than what you’re doing in the pool,” mother Cindy explains. “It’s the fuel you feed your body, relaxation, technique and the mental aspect is massive.”

 Joshua (12) in action at Waikato Swimming Juniors Championships

Joshua (12) in action at Waikato Swimming Juniors Championships

Confidence he needed for a good race
“Joshua can win or lose a race before he has even started, his mind plays a big part in how he does. And going to Athlete Nation has given him the confidence, he was mentally ready to jump off the blocks.”

Cindy had been searching for additional training her son could do, something else to focus on other than just ‘winning’ and comparing himself to others. That’s how she came to Athlete Nation.

Movement, a good place to start for a young athlete
“I love the idea of movement, and just using body resistance. At this age [12] it’s the right place to start. It helps to develop his body and to not get injured.”

Joshua and his mother are excited to see what the future brings. Although his wins were mostly attributed to his mental state, he is starting to notice physical changes too from his training at Athlete Nation.

“I feel power in my arms and legs and I am sure the core strength is better,” Joshua explains.

All the best Joshua, we are so proud and we look forward to helping you progress towards you sporting goals.

Joshua only recently joined Athlete Nation by taking part in the 8 Week Youth System Challenge, part of Athlete Nation's youth programmes. Find out more below: