What do your athletes need to be ready for?

Whether you want to win the championship, decrease the chances of injury, ensure your athletes are loading the right way, or build strong foundations that will set them up for a lifetime of good movement playing sport, Athlete Nation has the solution.

  • Do your athletes have programmes specific to their needs and ability?
  • Does your whole squad do the work they need to do to perform?
  • As a coach are you able to focus on the sport itself because your students are fit and safe to play?
  • Are your athletes' injury free?
  • Do you have data that tracks the progress of your athletes to showcase their success?
  • Do you have performance coaches who understand the fundamentals of good movement and know how to coach those fundamentals in a fun, engaging way?

Did you answer 'No' to any of the questions?

If you answered no to any of the above questions you might be ready to hear about the Athlete Nation Solution - read on.

We train young athletes to become more athletic.

We increase their chances of winning, decrease their chances of injury and offer guaranteed, measurable results, at their level.

Kritz Movement System

World class knowledge available to you. With our science based Kritz Movement System, world class experience in developing speed, strength, conditioning, and proper movement becomes available to you, guaranteeing your people will achieve their athletic potential.

Inclusive of everyone, not just the talented ones. And with your people, we mean all of your people, not only the ones that are talented or seem to be the best at first sight. Working through the system brings unknown and unseen ability to the surface.

Trust a system, create a legacy beyond an individual trainer. Our coaches are supported by a professional development model that is reliable and proven, support that can be replicated so that you experience lasting success. 

Own level, own pace. The system allows everyone to train at the level and pace that is right for them.  Your students can progress as they are ready, ensuring students maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury

Don't train like athletes, train to become more athletic.

Our approach is to train youth to become more athletic. We don't train young athletes like professional athletes until they are ready. We don't load and explode young athletes until they have demonstrated they have the movement awareness and physical capacity with their body weight. At Athlete Nation we promote young athletes to explore a variety of sports but to do so with an understanding of how to use their body the right way. 

Movement, Capacity then Load.

The Kritz Strength System teaches young athletes how to move across movement patterns that are common in all sport and life. We ensure each athlete can move well with their body weight first before we introduce extra loading. We want them to move confidently with their body weight so they can perform to their potential right now. Our system accommodates those that learn quickly as well as those that require a more developmental approach. 

Measuring and tracking progress against goals.

The Kritz Strength System identifies the best starting point for each young athlete so that the training they do contributes to their sports performance and not increased physio visits. Our system provides measurable improvements in physical readiness. The young athlete can see, feel and perform at a higher and safer level.  They will know they are ready. 

What training option works for you?

Currently our programmes are delivered in Hamilton and Tauranga and soon in Rotorua and the North Shore too. Are you in a different area? Talk to us about delivering our programmes near you. Get in touch with Crystal Kaua on  027 753 2922.


Discuss options for your school

There is no one size fits all solution. We’ d love to have a chat about what is happening at your school and how Athlete Nation’s involvement could work for you.

Locations: Currently our programmes are delivered in Hamilton and Tauranga and soon in Rotorua and the North Shore too. Are you in a different area? Talk to us about delivering our programmes near you.

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