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Optimal training for an optimal body
MetCon stands for Metabolic Conditioning, it's a very fancy word for working hard! The primary focus is on training your energy system, to make it work more efficiently. This will improve your performance (faster, stronger, improved endurance) and a natural outcome for many is losing the 'extra's' you don't need for an optimal body.

It's a high intensity session, but suits any level as our coaches know how to adjust each movement to suit you. It's hard and smart training that keeps you safe.

Youth Training

Supervised training in a group

In Youth Training sessions the Under 18's get together and chip away on their own personal programme. The coach is there to supervise, to coach and to progress each individual in their competency and capacity. Groups will range from 2-10 people.

Mums Matter

Mums Matter sessions are safe, supervised and suitable for all levels, including pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Speed and Conditioning

Speed and Conditioning sessions are for any member who is over 21 in the Kritz Movement System and wants to work specifically on speed and conditioning for sport.

Movement Matters Most

Learn and master our Movement and Capacity levels at your pace and how we can help you progress using our unique Kritz Movement System.