What do your athletes need to be ready for?

Whether it is winning on the regional, national or international stage, maximising individual athletic potential or ensuring your athletes are strong enough to handle the physical demands of training and playing.  You need your athletes in the best possible shape to be able to perform at a high level. They need to be fit, strong, fast and powerful. They need to know how to prepare and recover like champions.  They need to do all this to perform and remain free of injury.  Driving their physical performance is their mental strength.  A good attitude, work ethic, and team culture define great teams. That's a long list and Athlete Nation has the knowledge and expertise to assist with a tailored solution.

Where are things at for you?

Below we have listed some important questions to evaluate where things are at for you and your athletes.

  • Are you on track to achieve your organisations KPI’s? 
  • Do your high performance teams have high performing integrated training cultures?
  • Do you have data that tracks real progress of your athletes to showcase their success and justify the investment?
  • Are your coaches able to focus on the technical and tactical because your athletes are fit, fast and strong enough to play?
  • Do you have accredited performance coaches that can deliver sustainable success?
  • Do your athletes' have programmes specific to their needs and ability?
  • Are your athletes' injury free?

Did you answer 'No' to one or more questions?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, read on about the Athlete Nation Solution.

Athlete Nation coaches your people to be physically ready.

We better your chances of winning, decrease your chances of injury and deliver guaranteed, measurable results, all at your level.

Kritz Movement System

World class knowledge available to you. With our science based Kritz Movement System, world class experience in developing speed, strength, conditioning, and proper movement becomes available to you, guaranteeing your people will achieve their athletic potential.

Inclusive of everyone, not just the talented ones. And with your people, we mean all of your people, not only the ones that are talented or seem to be the best at first sight. Working through the system brings unknown and unseen ability to the surface.

Trust a system, create a legacy beyond an individual trainer. Our coaches are supported by a professional development model that is reliable and proven, support that can be replicated so that you experience lasting success. 

Own level, own pace. The system allows everyone to train at the level and pace that is right for them.  Your students can progress as they are ready, ensuring students maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Don't break your people by training them like elite athletes.

The traditional approach trains people like pro athletes, loading and exploding bad movement for short term gain. This approach contributes more to injury than performance in the short and long term.  Our system enables athletes to progress safely while they train and practice to be their best.

Load on the right foundations.

With the Kritz Movement System your people develop the capacity to handle their body weight before adding load with external weight. So they stay safe and train effectively.

Measuring and tracking progress against goals.

Trust a system that provides data and in-depth athlete profiles which can assist a coaches decision-making process. Understand where your people are where they need to be and how long it will take to achieve their goals.

What training option works for you?


Discuss options for your sport organisation

Are you confident you have the right program for each of your athletes?

We’d love to have a chat about how Athlete Nation’s involvement could help you achieve.

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