Don't train like an athlete. Train to become one.

Athlete Nation works with many schools, clubs and individual young athletes, helping thousands of young people develop their athleticism in the most effective and safest way possible.

Training to become more athletic is a critical part of physical development

When we say 'we train you to train to become more athletic' we mean that training is geared towards someone's ability, factoring in their current coordination, strength and general capacity. This way our youth always trains within their movement capability and capacity and progress towards their goals safely and effectively.

Youth programmes

Athlete Nation provides a range of proven, science-based sessions based on high performance principles, in a team training environment. Our programmes include:


DR KRITZ 'CRITICAL 2' FOR EVERY YOUNG ATHLETE Do you know what you need to do to reach your sporting potential? Dr Matt Kritz shares the 2 things he thinks young athletes need to do to be successful. Kritz starts by explaining what being successful means, which has nothing to do with winning.

REVOLUTIONARY TRAINING. Youth training is facilitated by Athlete Nation's Movement Frames that allow for strength and development relevant to person's size and physical ability.


Best performance knowledge now available to you

Trust the Kritz Movement System

At the heart of Athlete Nation’s training is our science based Kritz Movement System. The system has been developed by Performance Coach Dr Matt Kritz to make high performance knowledge and culture available to everyone. More about the Kritz Movement System.

Coached at your own level and own pace

The system allows everyone to train at the level and pace that is right for you. Even in group sessions. Your programme is specific to your need and ability and our coaches progress you, ensuring you maximise performance.

Movement Matters Most

Movement underpins everything we do at Athlete Nation. Initially we teach you to 'move correctly', to ensure you will build the foundations required to be the best you can be. And to stay injury free. As we know that without strong foundations, you are at risk of injury.

Group sessions, but specific to your sport

Whether you are a ground or water based athlete you can develop your relative total body strength, increase your core strength, improve your running fitness and learn to run faster and change direction with safer mechanics.

Gold membership


  • Assessment
  • Individualised programming
  • Your own coach
  • Unlimited reassessments
  • Full access to our Training Centre
  • Unlimited access to Gold Hour Sessions
  • Unlimited access to MetCon Sessions
  • Unlimited access to Speed & Conditioning Sessions
  • Unlimited access to Movement Matters and Mobility Sessions
    (view info about sessions here)

Regular price: from $30 per week
Youth: from $20 per week

8 Week Challenge

Every school term Athlete Nation runs an 8 week challenge, helping youth to develop their athletcism. A great opportunity to get to know Athlete Nation.

School Holiday Programme

During the school holidays Athlete Nation runs holiday programmes, learning young athletes the essentials to enhance their performance.

Get to know the Athlete Nation way

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